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Lamb Nuggets

Do you miss some comfort foods, such as nuggets while on PKD, the ketogenic or the carnivore diet? These simple PKD lamb nuggets are just delicious! The only challenge is not to overeat them;)

Ingredients (makes 2 servings)

300 g ground lamb or beef (20% fat)

24 g raw bone marrow


Black pepper (optional)

3 eggs

100 g pork greaves


2-3 tbsp lard for frying


Push the marrow out of the bones. Cut into small pieces and mix with the ground lamb and the salt.

Grease two pieces of parchment paper with lard. Place the meat on one paper and cover with the other. Flatten the meat to about 2-3 cm thickness.

Cut small round shapes with a cookie cutter.

Blend the eggs with the greaves and the salt until smooth and homogenous.

Dip the round meat pieces into the egg mix.

Heat the lard in a small iron pan.

Deep fry the nuggets on both sides until golden. Place them on a kitchen paper for a minute. This will absorb the excess fat.

Serve warm by itself or with some celery chips, if you like.


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