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Katja M, / 06 September 2023

I've had intestinal problems since I was a small child. Throughout my life, I've seen several specialists and nutrition therapists. None of their advice helped calm my intestines. I tried a vegan diet, a low-carb diet, and everything in between. I thought a vegan diet would be best for me because, for some reason, I couldn't eat meat. Eating meat made me feel terrible. I was completely lost about what I should eat and how much because nothing seemed to help.

My health eventually deteriorated so much that I couldn't even go for a walk. My heart rate shot up to 180, my legs felt like they were on fire when I walked, and breathing was really difficult. I didn´t have energy to do anything! I either slept or lay on the couch all day long. Even watching TV was sometimes too exhausting.

Fortunately, I found Orsolya. Together, we meticulously went through what I eat and how I prepare it. Finally, it became clear why my body couldn't process certain meats. I never thought there could be such huge differences in the quality of meats.

I really appreciate Orsolya's coaching style. Her knowledge is unbelievably extensive, and her communication is clear. But the best part was the emotional support. At the beginning, I was in a panic about whether I would get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from my food. Orsolya patiently listened and advised if anything scared or bothered me. I couldn't have done this without her.

Four months into the diet, and now I can go for walks and even do 4-6 hour kayaking trips :D I got my life back. Thank you, Orsolya, you're the best <3

Elena S, / 22 January 2022

Orsolya is an incredible nutritional and mental coach. She was able to guide me through my problems by supporting me both emotionally and physically. She has an extensive knowledge and she was able to guide me through any questions or troubleshooting. She was able to gently walk me towards my goals at my own pace. Together we have developed a strategy to address and solve my emotional and nutritional problems. In the end, she gave me all the tools to achieve my goals and for that I will always be grateful to her. 

Arti / 22 October 2019

I was having trouble with hormonal imbalance and weight gain. I was feeling lethargic and tired all the time. I thought I was doing enough fitness and eating healthy but nothing was helping me. Then I came to know about Orsolya. Her advice and support helped me a lot.

I have lost weight in a healthy way; I feel energetic and have no more hot flashes. 
In all - I am so happy that I found her! 
I can highly recommend Orsolya

I am so thankful that I found Orsolya at a point in my life when I was searching for solutions to a wide range of issues. Working together over a period of several months we have managed to cure a nagging shoulder pain, improve my sleep pattern and quality, and overhaul my eating habits to get rid of unwanted fat while improving my overall energy. This is not a quick fix but a new way of thinking and I’m sure it will have a long-term effect on my life and health going forward. Many thanks, Orsolya!"

Justine / 20 October 2018

Rosaria / 2 April 2018

After a burn-out 2 years ago, I paid more attention to my blood values. My iron levels have been far too low since the birth of my second child, and despite the infusions they didn’t improve. Then I started to train intensively again and my coach talked to me about this iron topic again and again, mainly because at the beginning of the 6-month training phase I became overtrained and fatigued quite fast. Because I never liked the infusions, I was searching for other solutions. I went to see Orsolya and that was the best decision ever. She looked very closely my blood test results, asked for other tests and analyzed my body with different devices. The change in my diet and the recommended supplements worked extremely well and I quickly felt that all these changes were very beneficial. Now I'm waiting for the next blood values ​​but I know and feel that I'm much better and I have much more energy. Incidentally, my athletic performance has been proven to improve and this in just 3 months! I recommend everyone to eat more consciously because of its impact on the overall health."

Patrick / 7 March 2018

To get in another category in sports I had to lose weight. The nutritional and training advice what I received from Orsolya was the perfect addition to the fitness training I already did. I reached my goal very quickly. I lost 6kg in two months fairly easily without a bigger effort, only by correcting my diet and adjusting my training."

Treatment from Orsolya is not only beneficial but it is also like being offered a helping hand. Since being treated, Osrolya has supported me both emotionally and physically. She always has advice or a therapy to help and her knowledge is very extensive. I have had reflexology, massage and she has treated pain by Bioresonance and with the Biomodulator. The latter has helped a lot with bone pain that I have had as a result of a major operation that I underwent in 2016."

Fiona / 28 February 2018

As a competitive athlete, I need to ensure that my body is in optimal condition. Having a history of muscular injuries, Orsolya has spent a lot of time helping me heal and continue to be able to compete. To begin with, in the past I suffered from a short period of dizziness whenever standing up and after taking supplements that were suggested to me, my dizziness went away within a short period of time and I have yet to experience it again. Recently I went to Orsolya with pain in my ankle as a result of an accident and we discussed the situation and the possible actions we could take. I was then given a treatment with the Biomodulator and after only 1 session, my pain had diminished significantly and the swelling went away. In addition to this, Orsolya has helped me ensure that my muscles are able to recover in the best way and also ensure that they are in good condition through sports massages. After a heavy training session or competition, these sports massages have a significant impact on the recovery of my muscles. Orsolya has also provided me with countless help in improving my nutrition and after analyzing my body with the bioresonance, she then provided me with specific guidelines for my nutrition to ensure my body is receiving enough nutrients to allow me to continue to stay healthy and improve my athletic performance. I can only say positive things about Orsolya and her abilities to ensure that the patient always leaves a treatment in a better and healthier state with thorough guidance."

Chris / 16 February 2018

I contacted Orsolya for nutrition and weight loss counseling. I used to think that I don't need help from anybody, as I knew a lot about healthy eating already. I was wrong. Orsolya performed a Bioresonance test and analyzed the results. She created a diet tailored to my needs, and with that she has introduced me to new food groups and a method that was easy enough to follow. She has also suggested supplements and beauty products I should consider using for my own benefit. Little did I know at the time about essential oils and nowadays I apply them every day. My weight loss has been slow but steady and the best part is that I don’t feel hungry and have lots of energy. My pain during my menstrual period has gone since I’ve changed my diet, which I’ve never in my life thought would be possible after relying on medication for many years. I also had an underactive thyroid and my last blood test showed normal levels; it was a great surprise."

Melinda / 17 January 2018

Ich bin in meinen frühen Fünfziger-Jahren, und nachdem ich durch die Menopause durchgegangen bin, ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich an Gewicht zugenommen habe - etwas, mit dem ich zuvor noch nie Probleme hatte. Meine Gelenke sind auch steif geworden und mein Schlaf verlor an Qualität. Ich habe Orsolya das erste Mal im September 2017 getroffen und war sehr beeindruckt. Sie arbeitete wirklich gründlich und ich empfand sie als sehr verständnisvoll. Sie stand für Fragen immer zur Verfügung. Ich hatte zuvor meine Ernährung immer als relativ gesund empfunden, sie zeigte mir aber, dass sie doch nicht so abwechslungsreich war, wie ich zuvor gedacht hatte. Nach einem 6 Wochen Programm bin ich wieder in meiner alten Form zurück und achte viel mehr auf die Qualität wie auch die Quantität meiner Ernährung."

Mary / 10 October 2017

I visited Orsolya after receiving a diagnosis of a serious disease. She helped me more than a year to keep my body and energy level strong and also support my healing process. Her dedication to be up-to-date with the latest therapies, exceptional in depth knowledge of the body, holistic approach, experience and super caring, calm personality convinced me that I am in the best hands with choosing her. I have to say she is an  amazing professional/naturopath and I will be always thankful to her. Since I graduated in a medical university as a pharmacist I have a certain knowledge of diseases and treatments I have to admit that I learnt a lot from Orsolya , she has an incredible broad and complex knowledge which surpassed all of my expectations. Now if anybody in the family has health issues we turn to our loved and respected family therapist."

Csilla / 25 July 2017

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