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Why You Need Help to Upgrade Your Health

I am a Health Optimisation Expert, a certified naturopath, nutritionist, and energy healing practitioner. My philosophy is that optimal health is your birthright.

During the years I have been working with people, I have learned to identify and fix their main problems and to transform their health and life. My clients typically have chronic health challenges. They come to see me because they feel tired, powerless, they have pain, bad digestion and low vitality. I am passionate about improving my clients’ quality of life. 

Chronic Disease - the Global Epidemic

Chronic disease is on the rise worldwide. More than 85% of these diseases are caused by poor diet, toxicity, stress, lack of sleep and physical activity (

As doctors have no time, energy and qualification to help people make changes in these areas, the need for Health Coaches and Alternative Therapists is more urgent than ever. 

A well-educated Health Coach and/or Practitioner can support their clients in a powerful way in changing habits, starting a new lifestyle and learning new skills so they can achieve a state of wellness and vitality.

Why coaching and therapy is the best combination

Most of my clients have health problems, so in addition to coaching, they also need therapy in order to reduce pain and balance the energy of body and mind. Bioresonance, fascia therapy and treatment with the Tennant Biomodulator reduce pain very effectively and make the healing and recovery quicker and more effective. 

The other important benefit of being a naturopath and nutritionist is to be able to understand and evaluate my patients’ condition and support the healing process with different supplements and therapeutic diets. 

On the other hand, all of my clients need a lot of coaching as well. To let go of old habits and adopt new ones requires time, patience, as well as a lot of learning and repetition. Doing this all alone without support is extremely difficult. 

Personalised Care Leads to More Success

Working with a health expert is a life-long investment, because you become more qualified in managing your own health. This is a priceless education and the best investment you can ever make. 

By adopting a new healthy lifestyle you can radically lower your medical bills and suffering in the long-term, as well as boost your energy needed to work and have fun!

I offer my help

- If you already have a chronic disease - working with me can significantly improve your condition. 

 - If you need help for prevention - we make sure that you stay fit and vital to lower your risk of future disease.

Are you ready to upgrade your health and become the new version of yourself? Contact me and get a free 30-minute consultation!


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