What I have learned about the Paleolithic-Ketogenic Diet (PKD®)

Updated: Feb 8

I am happy to have had the chance to attend a PKD® theory and cooking course lately at Paleomedicina in Hungary.

The Paleolithic-Ketogenic diet was developed in 2010-2011. It is an evolutionary-adapted diet for people that corresponds to the physiological needs of every human being.

There is an obesity epidemic in the world and the number of chronic diseases increases every year. Despite the fact that most people follow the official dietary recommendations, the surge in such conditions is indisputable.

As Nina Teicholz writes in her book, The Big Fat Surprise: “Since the 1970s we have successfully increased our fruits and vegetables by 17%, our grains by 29%, and reduced the amount of fat we eat from 40 % to 33% of calories. The share of those fats that are saturated has also declined”.

So, what is wrong with the recommendations? Cutting back on fats meant to eat more carbohydrates and giving up animal fats meant switching to vegetables oils. With all these changes the health of Americans and Europeans has steadily declined.

What is the solution? Can going back to a diet that best covers our physiological needs help? Let's see how the PKD® diet works!

The basic rule is to eat only unprocessed whole foods free of chemicals. The diet consists of minimum 70% animal products (fat, meat and organ meats) and up to 30% plant based foods.

With the elimination of sugar and sweeteners, grains and cereals, dairy products, vegetable oils, nightshades and nuts and seeds, we avoid all the inflammatory foods so the body has the chance to heal. By following PKD®, leaky gut will be healed, followed by the elimination of symptoms and disease.

The adverse effects of a high carb load are reversed, insulin regulation is balanced and all inflammatory markers are reduced.

All the additives and artificial chemicals, which are proven to lead to an increase of symptoms in different conditions such as: epilepsy, hyperactivity, allergies and CV problems, are excluded in PKD®.

Thanks to Dr Andrea Dabóczi I could learn the practical implementation of this diet. PKD® is based on clinical experience and has been proven to stabilise and/or reverse many chronic conditions. More than 4000 patients have been treated at Paleomedicina over the last years. For more information please check www.paleomedicina.com .

Do you want to get rid of that stubborn fat around your waist? Are you suffering from chronic pain and/or any chronic illness? Do you have questions and need advice in eating well? Contact me today for more information!

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Mangalica pork knuckle with seasonal vegetables