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Valentine's Day Menu On A Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic, low-carb, Paleolithic-Ketogenic Diet, grain free, nut free, dairy free, soy free, no plant oil, sugar free, no sweeteners

heart shaped steak tartare
Steak Tartare

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love and connection, and what better way to do so than with a delicious meal that fits into your diet? These keto recipes will help you enjoy a romantic and flavorful Valentine's Day without straying from your whole-food based ketogenic lifestyle.

These recipes are healthy, simple and elegant and they all fit into the rules of the Paleolithic-Ketogenic Diet. If you follow the therapeutic version or the carnivore diet, you can just skip the cake;) If you don't need to be so strict, you can prepare the following menu for yourself and your loved one.

Appetizer - Whipped Liver Cream

makes 2 servings

cream of liver served in a glass
Cream Of Liver

160 g veal, beef or lamb liver

60 g lard or tallow

2 egg yolks


Black pepper (optional)

Fresh thyme (optional)


Heat about half of the fat in a pan. Add the liver and fry it on medium heat until done. Season with salt and optionally with pepper. Let it cool. Add the rest of the fat and blend until smooth. Whisk the egg yolks until fluffy. Add the blended liver and whisk with an electric hand mixer until creamy. Spoon into two small verrines and serve.

One serving has about 398 kcal, 28 g fat, 19 g protein, 3.8 g carbohydrates

Main course - Steak Tartare

makes 2 servings

200 g beef tenderloin

70 g bone marrow, crumbled



2 egg yolks

Fresh parsley leaves

1 small fermented cucumber, finely diced

4 tsp fermented cucumber or Sauerkraut juice

beef on a wooden cutting board
Black Angus Tenderloin


Finely chop the chilled meat with a sharp knife. Add half of the marrow crumbles, a bit of salt and mix well. Divide the portion by half and with the help of a cookie cutter make heart shapes on two plates. Decorate with the rest of the marrow crumbles, salt flakes and optionally some parsley leaves.

If you like, you can add part or all other ingredients from the list above.

One serving has about 417 kcal, 35 g fat, 24 g protein, 0 g carbohydrates

Dessert - Heart Cake

makes 6 portions

heart shaped berry caked served on a white plate
Heart Shaped Berry Cake

4 large eggs

2 egg whites

30 g parsley root flour* or ground pork rinds


25 g lard

180 g mixed frozen berries


For the sponge cake whisk the 6 egg whites with the salt until stiff peaks. Add the yolks one by one continuously whisking until fluffy. Carefully fold in the parsley root flour or the pork rinds. Line a heart shaped baking form with parchment paper, spoon in the batter and bake in a preheated oven at 160 °C for about 25 minutes or until golden and set. Let it cool and cut in half.

For the jam cook the frozen berries for about half an hour until thickens. Blend until smooth and let cool.

Melt the lard and spoon over the top of both cake halves. Spread half of the jam over one cake, place the other half on top and cover with the rest of the jam.

One serving has about 120 kcal, 7.7 g fat, 5.1 g carbs and 6.1 g protein

berry cake slice served
Berry Cake Slice

This nutritious and healthy Valentine's Day feast has everything you need to indulge guilt-free. From a savory appetizer to a nice dessert, these recipes are sure to make your celebration both memorable and delicious. Wishing you a happy and healthy Valentine's Day filled with love and good food!

Nutritional value for the whole menu

935 kcal; 70 g fat; 49 g protein; 8.9 g carbohydrates 

*Parsley root flour you can make this way here


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