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My Rescue Tips To Get Back In Shape After The Holidays

Did you overeat during Christmas time? This happens to many, so do not worry too much about it now. This time of the year most people prepare more food than usually and most of us definitely eat and drink more than their body needs.

So, what can you do now? How should you get back to your normal habits and lose the extra kilos you possibly gained?

Here are my most valuable tips to get back in shape for the after-Holiday season:

  1. Implement intermittent fasting - your night fast should be 12 hours every day, this is the minimum. You can extend it to 14-16 hours or even longer. My experience is that intermittent fasting helps people in regulating their metabolism and makes it easier to reduce food intake in general. When eating the right food all the time, fasting is not necessary, but after a period of overeating it can be helpful.

  2. Eat 1-3 real meals a day. DO NOT snack! If you follow a ketogenic diet, usually two meals a day are enough. Snacks are not at all necessary.

  3. Eat enough of the right food, so your body feels satiated. This way you won’t have cravings, you won’t be hungry so you won’t overeat. Eat the right fat to protein ratio for the best results.

  4. Drink when you are thirsty and drink water! If you had too much alcohol in the last month, just avoid it completely for a while.

  5. Cut out all sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed foods. Eat REAL, whole foods, like meat, organ meats, animal fats, fish, eggs and some local, seasonal vegetables! If you feel that you need an elimination diet to improve your health, the best is to stick to animal products only, such as meat, organs and fat.

  6. Move! Walk and go back to your normal exercise routine. Exercise is good for you, but remember, you cannot outrun your bad eating habits.

  7. Sleep enough, according to your needs. For most people it's 7-8 hours each night. Go to bed before 11 pm.

I wish you all a wonderful, healthy new year full of great adventures, happiness, love and success!


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