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The Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet (PKD® - ICMNI Hungary)

What it is and why you want to know more about it

It is hard to believe that a diet that is so simple and full of delicious meals, can be so powerful. But with PKD, this is the case.

PKD is definitely not a “mainstream” diet but it was found to be the most effective way to heal many different health conditions. The creators - Dr Csaba Tóth and Dr Zsófia Clemens - could think differently, “out of the box”. They did not implement this diet because they fell in love with it or because they followed some ideologies, but because it worked. And it still works, all the time, because it ensures all nutrients you need and excludes others that would cause you problems.

In PKD there is no need to count calories, only to be able to keep the fat to protein ratio and learn to eat according to your hunger. Once mastering the basic rules, the diet is very simple, tasty and time saving.

There are two main pillars of PKD:

  • it ensures ketosis

  • it reduces inflammation and reverses intestinal hyperpermeability

What can you eat?

There are two versions of PKD. One is a 100% animal-based diet, consisting of meat, animal fat and organ meats. The other version allows certain plant floods, such as vegetables, fruits and honey. These should make up not more than 30% of the daily food intake though. The version that contains only animal products is a faster and more effective way to heal disease.

Why PKD is so much better than any other diet out there?

First of all, because this is actually not a diet, but a healthy way of eating for life. Everybody can do it and it has no side effects. If you stick to it, there is no need for any dietary supplements. After the implementation of the diet, you will see results already in less than a week.

With PKD you will reach your ideal weight that you can maintain without any “yo-yo effect”. You will eat according to your hunger, so you don’t have to be hungry, starve or suffer. For a perfect health, it is crucial to feed your body for all nutrients you need. Fasting is not recommended, especially not for people who want to recover from a disease.

What will be your benefits?

There are plenty of them: you’ll save time, energy and money. All your symptoms and health problems will improve because you will adopt the needs-based diet your body is physiologically designed for.

How to learn PKD?

The learning process consists of:

  • gathering information via articles, podcasts, here and website

  • getting motivated - that's easy!

  • find the right expert to teach you

  • put time, energy and money into the process - well yes, you have to do it

  • learn what and how you have to do

  • start the program, stick to it and DO NOT STOP it

Once you have learned why you have/want to avoid certain foods and you feel the amazing benefits, you will not want to go back.

But being able to implement PKD requires guidance and some time, and this is extremely important. You don’t want to skip this part because you want to do it right. PKD will work perfectly, but only if you do it correctly.

Lifestyle change is not easy. It requires determination, motivation and mostly knowledge. Knowledge is power! It protects us from going back to our old eating style consisting of pleasure-based foods that cause our health problems. Once you have understood and experienced this, it will be easy to continue even despite the possible negative/worrying comments from your friends and family. Remember, the only things that matter are the improvement of your symptoms and your labs results.

For more details and information, please check or contact me at or +41 76 346 50 56.


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