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The Healing Power of Bioresonance Therapy - How an Open Wound Disappeared Completely

Case study, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, male, 7 years old

In March 2017 I noticed a wound on my dog’s right paw, between the first and second toe. As it seemed to grow, I took him to the veterinarian. She concluded that it was an infection and gave him antibiotics and a cortison treatment. The wound improved and became smaller, but when the treatment was over, it opened up again. So we went back to the doctor, who gave more cortison. 

The wound seemed to improve again, but my dog started to have severe behavioural problems and personality changes so after consulting the vet again, we stopped the treatment. The wound became worse so I thought about changing doctors and went to another one who also practices holistic treatments. Unfortunately, for Danny she didn’t propose any homeopathy or other alternative therapies. She did a biopsy because she suspected a tumour.  Fortunately, the samples taken didn’t show any cancerous cells. We left the vet’s office with another dosage of antibiotics and some lotions. As the wound didn’t improve after 4 weeks, the doctor sent us to a surgeon, because she was convinced that the toe had to be removed as it didn’t heal.  

So we went to the surgeon in July 2017, who confirmed that it was definitely not a tumour but an open, infected wound. He said that it was impossible to close it surgically, because there was not enough skin available and luckily he didn’t mention anything about removing the toe. He advised to apply a honey cream and make bandages day and night. I went on with this method for about a month, but as there was no improvement - the wound stayed wet - I stopped it.  

I read an article on the internet suggesting that lavender essential oil can be extremely effective on these kinds of wounds, so I started to use it as a treatment twice a day in the middle of August. The wound improved dramatically but didn’t heal entirely. 

At the end of September, Danny hurt his paw and the wound opened up and was worse than ever. The lavender oil didn’t help anymore.

I was desperate, I didn’t know what to do.

I knew about a veterinarian who uses bioresonance therapy and wanted to make an appointment with him. Unfortunately, his assistant told me that he was too busy to take any new patients in. 

As I am a naturopath and have the same bioresonance machine as the vet, I knew that I had no other choice than to apply the therapy on Danny myself.

I made a measurement with my device and applied the automatic treatment proposed by the machine. As this treatment is not symptomatic and was not applied on the wound itself, it treated the whole body promoting self-healing. "Global Diagnostics" is a diagnosis and therapy device which allows a full body screening based on physical measurements. Scientifically documented, it shows the overall energy state of the living organism in detail. In less than 15 minutes, the energetic structures of the body are being measured in nearly 600 systems and subsystems, taking advantage of over 100 million individual measurements for evaluation. 

The result was unbelievable. I did four treatments altogether in November and December 2017. 

As you can see on the photos, the wound started to shrink and new skin grew around it, which was finally able to completely close the wound. 

Danny’s paw hadn’t been able to heal for more than six months because his body was too weak to beat the infection. Bioresonance technology helped his system to get strong and heal itself.

This last photo had been taken a few days before I wrote this article. The last treatment I did was 1.5 months ago. Danny is  healed which proves the incredible power of this therapy.

Orsolya Szathmari


Mettmenstetten, Switzerland


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