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Shepherd’s Pie

These individual portions make an easy meal for one or more people. It can also be prepared ahead and just baked before eating.

I used thinly sliced beef because that's what I had at home. You can use ground beef or lamb, if you prefer.

I used celery root instead of the original potatoes. 80g celery contains about 7g carbohydrates, which is perfectly fine for most people. The celery can be replaced with cauliflower (80g), which contains only 4g carbs.

This dish is a very tasty and easy way to hide bone marrow for those who don't like to eat it in a plain form - raw or roasted.


  • 130 g ground or thinly sliced beef or lamb

  • 20 g smoked slab

  • Salt

  • Pepper (optional)

  • 80 g celery root

  • 30 g raw bone marrow


  • Preheat the oven to 220°C, grill function.

  • Fry the slab for 2 minutes, add the meat and fry on high heat for a few minutes. It shouldn’t release any water, but if it does, fry it until all of it evaporates.

  • Put the meat in and individual oven dish.

  • Peel and cut the celery into small cubes. Cook in water until soft. Discard water. Add salt and the marrow and blend until smooth.

  • Spoon the mash over the meat. Bake for about 20-25 minutes, until golden.

  • Enjoy!


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