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Paleo-Keto Lasagna

Some of us, who follow the Paleolithic-Ketogenic Diet or the carnivore diet, are happy to eat meat, organs and fat every day. Others, especially those who have been on the diet for a longer time and are recovered and healthy, like to try new recipes without deviating from the diet. I love to cook and experiment with new ideas, and I am happy to show people that this way of eating is interesting, delicious and not boring at all.

Today I thought to try a lasagna recipe only with pkd approved ingredients. It contains nutritious red meat, bone marrow and pork fat. From the allowances it contains eggs but no plants - except for some oregano and black pepper.

I call it "lasagna", but of course it is made without pasta, tomatoes, cheese and milk. This recipe is much more nutritious than the original version and does not cause leaky gut and inflammation.

The exact recipe you'll find in my E-book *

* If you already have purchased my book and would like to have this recipe, please send me a PM and I am happy to send it to you.


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