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Parsley Root Flour And Paleo-Keto Sponge Cake Recipe

I have experimented with different flour alternatives in the past because there are many of us who like to prepare cakes for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas or Mother's Day or during transitioning to a ketogenic type of diet. In the classical ketogenic diet different nut flours are mainly used for baking but as in the Paleolithic-Ketogenic Diet we don't eat nuts and seeds, I needed to come up with an alternative to those. Pork cracklings and pork rinds are good options to stay with animal-based ingredients, but not everyone likes their taste in cakes.

As I love cooked or fried parsley roots, I thought to try to make flour with them. It worked really nice and I ended up with a sweet, a slight nutty tasting flour, that can be used to make bread, tortilla, bun or cakes.

In the sponge cake below, I used a small amount of honey as a sweetener, but it can be also left out.

The recipes below are from my cookbooks, but because of many of you asked, I decided to share them here.

Have fun with some Paleo-Keto baking!


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