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Nutrition and Lifestyle Program for People with Chronic Diseases

I have helped many people with chronic diseases to improve their condition, reduce pain and manage their weight.

My unique way to work with my clients is to combine nutritional therapy with a Bioresonance measurement and treatment to upgrade overall health. In case it is needed, I perform a very effective form of pain treatment with the Tennant Biomodualtor.

How my program works

For the best results I require a 3-month commitment from you as my new client. Prior to the first consultation, I will send you an in-depth questionnaire about your health, medical and family history. I will also ask you to write down a 3-day food diary and your food preferences and health challenges.

120-minute one-on-one consultation

At your first consultation, we will go through all this as well as cover your unique nutritional requirements, possible dietary supplements you need to take, lifestyle changes such as exercise, sleep and stress management, and your ideal weight.

After our discussion, I will make a BIA measurement to identify your body composition. This measurement is a very important part of a nutritional assessment.

I will also make an energetic whole-body screening with Global Diagnostics, Vitalfeld Therapy. This test reveals in which part of the body you have problems or blockages.

Based on all this information, I will prepare a plan including different treatments, dietary and lifestyle changes, a one-week meal plan with recipes if needed.

Follow-ups, 2-6: 90-120 minutes

We will have follow-up appointments every 2 weeks.

At each visit, I will go through your food diary and all the possible challenges and difficulties. I will perform a new Bioresonance measurement and based on the results, you will receive a treatment. If you have any kind of pain or inflammatory condition, I will treat you with the Tennant Biomodulator, which is an FDA approved device for treating chronic and acute pain.

E-mail support and WhatsApp access are also included in the 3-month package.

If you are interested or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail:

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