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How To Lose Weight In A Sustainable And Healthy Way?

One of the greatest concerns in the field of public health today are the health consequences of overweight and obesity. More than 40% of the World’s population have put on weight during the one and a half years of the pandemic. At the same time, at least half of the people all around the world want to lose weight.

What makes so many people overweight and obese? Might it be the unhealthy food including industrial processed food and the high amount of sugar, grains and plant oils?

Being overweight is extremely unfavourable for our health, whether we like this fact or not. Nowadays it’s fashionable to say we accept our body and feel happy about the extra kilos and body fat around our waist. This is a dangerous message because being overweight significantly increases the level of inflammation, the risk of most chronic diseases, premature death, and greatly reduces quality of life.

So, how to lose weight?

We need to eat the right food! This way, during and after the weight loss, we always feel healthier and more energetic, and we do not have to be concerned of feeling worse, lethargic and tired. We achieve this if we replace a pleasure-based diet with a needs-based diet. Everybody will obtain and maintain their ideal weight by eating healthily.

How much weight should we lose?

The goal is to achieve our ideal weight with a healthy nutrition and lifestyle. The ideal weight in kilograms can be calculated very easily: (height in cm - 110). This means that a 165 cm person’s weight should be around 55 kg or even a bit less (165-110=55). This depends, to a certain extent, on the body composition as well. The more muscle mass we have, the more weight (in kg) we can afford to have as well.

Do we need personalised nutrition?

No, because all humans have the same type of metabolism, the same digestive system and more or less the same need for nutrients. We all belong to the same race and our DNA look very similar even if we look different on the outside.

Is this diet complicated?

No. After the learning process it is actually very easy. No need to count calories or starve ourselves. We can shop all our food locally from small producers, which is fantastic. You will not have to eat anything that is difficult to obtain. We all learn to feel real hunger and eat only when we are hungry and this way we will naturally eat less.

So what is the diet we should follow to lose weight and become healthy?

It is a mostly animal-based ketogenic diet, the Paleolithic-Ketogenic Diet (PKD Following PKD you will consume local meat, fat and organ meats possibly with some local vegetables, a minimal amount of fruit and a bit of honey. At the same time you will avoid junk and processed foods, most carbohydrates, grains, dairy, seeds and seed oils, and certain types of other plant foods, to find your way back to the best possible health.

Once we have learned how to eat healthily and have achieved our ideal weight and other fantastic results, we will not want to go back to our old eating habits to feel tired, overweight, and miserable again.

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