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Health Benefits Of Bone Marrow

Predators most often begin feeding on the internal organs, including brain and bone marrow for their high nutritional value.

Eating marrow from bones, as well as all organs, has been very popular among humans in many different cultures throughout history. Most of us love the taste and appreciate its health benefits.

Marrow is found in the center of bones, such as spine, thigh bones and hip. It has a spongy structure and a very important role: its stem cells produce red and white blood cells. Bone marrow is extremely nutritious, it contains all the nutrients and substances that the body uses to build, repair, and maintain our living bones and connective tissues. The nutrients it contains support bone, dental and connective tissue health. Bone marrow contains 97% fat, less than 3% protein and no carbohydrates. It is an essential part of the Paleolithic- Ketogenic Diet (PKD) as well as any well formulated, whole-food based ketogenic diet.

We all should be aware of these facts, appreciate the value of bone marrow more and consume it regularly.

Let’s see some of the health benefits of bone marrow

  • Rich in the hormone adiponectin, that helps maintain insulin sensitivity, break down fat, and has been linked to decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity-associated cancers

  • Rich in collagen that helps to maintain skin, bone and joint health

  • Rich in glucosamine that helps against osteoarthritis, relieves joint pain and reduces inflammation in the joints

  • Rich in glycine and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), both have strong anti-inflammatory properties

  • High in healthy fats

  • High in nutrients, such as: riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin E, iron, phosphorus, thiamine, vitamin B12

You can cook it in a broth, a stew or roast it in the oven and salt to taste. It is delicious every way.


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