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Brief Case Studies Submitted in Support of Dr. Tennant's Approach to Wellness

The following case studies come from the Senergy Medical website:

I have been using the Tennant Biomodulator myself since 2017 and I have seen very impressive results with my clients.

These case histories are based on personal experience and client responses. None of the statements or treatments have been evaluated by medical physicians or the FDA. None of the cases are meant to imply that the Biomodulator would benefit any acute or chronic physical problems or diseases thatyou may have. Clients were treated for physical problems previously diagnosed by their own medical physicians.

Brief Case Studies Submitted in Support of Dr. Tennant's Approach to Wellness

24 year old male diagnosed with Lyme disease was on a severe five year downward spiral; physically lost 55 lbs., on a feeding tube, debilitating joint pain, environmental sensitivity and losing cognitive ability. His digestive complaints included spasms and pain and was so nutritionally depleted that he was hospitalized and put on an IV and told that "he was 48 hours away from death". He received intensive assessment and care in Dr. Tennant s clinic for two weeks including several hours of daily Tennant Biomodulator® therapy and nutritional support. He reported immediate pain relief and felt his "system stimulated". He is now back to his normal weight and able to resume his musical career.

55 year old female MS diagnosis - 10 years post. Used prescription drug therapy that helped alleviate her symptoms yet caused severe side effects. These included back pain around the waistline on her right side, resulting in her use of 4 Ibuprofen tablets every 4 hours 2417 until she escalated to a prescription pain relief drug that did not alleviate the pain. She was referred to Dr. Tennant for a complete assessment by another doctor because her mobility was deteriorating and the pain increasing. After therapy in the clinic, including the Tennant Biomodulator®, and nutritional supplements for three months she is prescription and pain free. She now uses the Tennant Biomodulator® in place of any medications and is able to resume normal activities.

58 year old female diagnosed by her dentist with a serious re-absorption of her two front teeth (on X-ray) as a result of a 20-year-old injury to the face. She was told that she would need to have root canals and extensive work by a specialist at an estimated cost of $4,500- $6,000. She also complained of pain in the kidney area and pain in her ears. The MEAD assessment revealed inflammation of the kidney meridian (which also corresponded with the affected teeth). Initial treatment included the "Tennant Rules", Biomodulator therapy and pads on the kidneys for three days; patient was able to decline any medication or visits to the emergency room until a kidney stone was passed. After six months of daily Tennant Biomodulator® therapy directly on the gums of the teeth in Infinity and Ten-8, drinking nutritional supplements and occasional therapy with the Tennant BiotransducerTM, patient returned to dentist and upon review of new X-rays was told that the teeth were rebuilding and she would not need to have root canals or other restoration performed on teeth. Additionally, she reports complete resolution to the pain in her ears and kidneys.

81 year old female diagnosed with Hypoalbuminemia, is a common problem among elderly persons with acute and chronic medical conditions such as hepatic cirrhosis, heart failure, deficient intake of amino acids, increased losses of albumin via disease, malnutrition and, most commonly, acute or chronic inflammation with an increased risk of morbidity and mortality. She had a past medical history of liver issues and mal-absorption and was

evaluated for appropriate dietary intake and found to have protein malnutrition commonly found in patients with cirrhosis. She presented sever ascites in the abdomen with the swelling causing her to appear to be 8 months pregnant. She also presented lymph edema in her legs causing them to be severely swollen and also painful. Replacing albumin intravenously has generally been ineffective. Because of her age and severity of the liver damage, very little other intervention was available. The decision was to support the underlying cause with adequate nutrition (sufficient high biological-value protein and energy- intake for anabolism). After daily therapy with the Tennant Biomodulator® and three days of taking nutritional supplements, the patient started diurising and after two weeks the ascites and pain were completely gone. She was told to plan for her next birthday rather than her funeral.

53 year old female presented acute sinusitis symptoms for 20+ years. Provided Tennant Biomodulator® and nutritional supplements. Therapy protocols included MEAD assessments indicating degenerative conditions in Large Intestine, Stomach and Liver Meridians, all of which are associated with the sinuses. Therapy included nutritional supplementation for cellular cleansing and rebuilding, focus on supporting all the indicated meridians with Biomodulator in Infinity and Ten-8 modalities until assessment indicated "normal" and 12 minutes on the sinus cavity using Ten-8 (which assessed as inflamed). After 5 one-hour "Tennant Rules" Therapy sessions, patient was completely symptom and medication free. Patient also reported a dramatic change in digestive process (not constipated) and the ability to obtain 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night indicating improvement of the ANS.

42 year old female diagnosed with chronic herpetic outbreaks and placed on suppressive therapies for over ten years stopped her acyclovir tablets and treated the lesions with biofeedback, following "Tennant s Rules". Symptoms cleared-up in 24 hours. Further support for cellular cleansing and regeneration from nutritional supplementation has aided in her success. One small episode recurred 9 months later and was again treated with the Biomodulator to relieve symptoms within 24 hours. Patient has been lesion-free and off all medication for 3 years.

64 year old female diagnosed with a crushed area of her tibia (fractured knee). Told she would need 6-8 weeks of recovery time before she should attempt walking again. Daily Tennant Biomodulator® treatments following "Tennant Rules" and support for cellular cleansing and regeneration provided by nutritional supplementation allowed a recovery time of only 3 weeks. The final x-rays of the break showed rebuilt, solid bone where it had been crushed. Physicians and staff alike were inspired when she walked out of the office.

50 year old male diagnosed with calcification of a portion of his Achilles tendon and told to wear an ankle brace - experienced considerable pain in walking. Six treatments of Tennant Biomodulator® in Infinity mode using "Tennant Rules"; nutritional supplementation followed. Knot reduced and eventually eliminated altogether. His pain subsided; no longer needs to wear a brace and walks with ease.

54 year old female unable to raise her arm above her head for several weeks. One twenty- minute session of Tennant Biomodulator® treatment on her shoulder girdle allowed return of complete range of motion in her shoulder within an hour. Additional nutritional supplementation was used.

16 year old female with knee pain for two-week-post-soccer injury; given a 20 minute treatment with the Tennant Biomodulator® in the patellar region of the knee and taught the technique of ice massage. Her pain subsided, and she was able to return to play with no further complaints.

35 year old female bitten three times by a scorpion. "Tennant Rules" including nutritional supplementation were followed for her first biofeedback treatment in the Infinity setting and the swelling visually subsided. Further follow-up sessions allowed quick healing of the damaged tissues with little scaring.

44 year old female bitten by a brown recluse spider while sleeping. The intense, shooting pain down her arm was immediately treated with the Tennant Biomodulator® in "Bee Sting" setting to neutralize the venom. This was followed by Infinity setting for 30 minutes until she reached the emergency room. Nursing staff identified the bite as that of a spider; the attending physician said to expect extensive tissue damage, and scarring - to come back later and see if there needed to be surgery. The pain and swelling stopped within the hour and repeated treatments during the following 12 hours eliminated any trace of the site where she was bitten. No scarring, no damage at all. "Tennant Rules", including nutritional supplementation, were used.

61 year old male reports the following: "I have been using the Tennant Biomodulator® and FrequenSea (Dr. Tennant now recommends Raw Materials) for the past nine months and have had great success in dealing with major pain issues in my lumbar spine and in repairing a tear in the meniscus of my left knee.

In the case of my spine, I can make the arthritic pain disappear in one minute by doing the Bowling Ball1 Sphenoid Realignment. I do this 2-3 times a day and am living without pain medication. My knee has gone from a level 9 pain to 0-1. The knee no longer requires treatment except when it twinges after strenuous exercise. Thankfully, I have totally cut Celebrex, aspirin and ibuprofen out of my life. I am also using the MEAD machine on a daily basis and treating an aortic aneurism with the acupuncture capabilities of the Biomodulator. So far, I have arrested the expansion of the aneurism. I carefully monitor this serious condition every 6 months with echocardiogram and CAT- scan tests.

I have completed the 16-day liver cleanse and am working on the rebuilding of all cells in my body with Dr. Tennant s protocol. I am drinking water from the Nikken system and taking FrequenSea with Phytoplankton (Dr. Tennant now uses Raw Materials). Both seem to resonate with my system. I am experiencing amazing levels of clarity, good sleep, regularity, and athletic stamina. I am swimming in the ocean 45 minutes most mornings and walking 2.5 miles most evenings and doing yoga. I am experiencing a sense of well-being and all of my

bodily systems seem to be working better than ever. The Tennant Biomodulator® has been a tremendous blessing in my life and I am thankful for knowing about, and practicing, Dr. Tennant s integrative principles of good health. I recommend this revolutionary healing device, unconditionally."

89 year old female in severe pain and needing a walker to ambulate used the Biomodulator attached to the sock conductive garments for 30 minutes-- swelling went down, purple coloration retuned to pink skin on ankles and pain completely gone. She was able to walk out of the clinic without aid of her walker.

32 year old male reports: "I am a computer programmer, which requires me to type 60% of the time. As a result of this repetitive typing, I have developed severe tendonitis. I have been suffering from tendonitis and mild CTS for about 3 years now.

When I initially had this problem I had therapy and some physical conditioning. It helped me to get back to my work at about 90+ %. The second occurrence of this problem was very severe, in that I was in pain all the time. 2 months of therapy and conditioning didn t help either. When my doctor started using the Tennant Biomodulator®, I did not see much difference in the first couple of treatments, but after 3 to 4 treatments I could see a big difference in pain.

I got to a point where I could type a little and still be pain free. I would recommend this device for any pain management clinic and any person in pain.

Three-week-old orphaned puppy had severe case of worms and given a combination of Tennant Biomodulator® therapy and one drop each of FrequenSea (Dr. Tennant now uses Raw materials) and Preventatives; Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric. Veterinarian examined the puppy a couple weeks later and reported that the worms were nearly eradicated and to continue therapy without any other need for drugs.

Two puppies ingested large amounts of chocolates creating severe abdominal pain and swelling. After Biomodulator therapy, they obtained relief and now will not eat their food without FrequenSea poured on it.

59 year old female with a long history of severe torticollis. Her condition is due to the muscles on one side of her neck exerting a strong, continuous pulling on her head to one side. As a result her head was cocked to that side. Causes chronic unremitting pain varying from moderate to severe. In addition, she is unable to turn or tilt her head to one side. For the last 12 years the best relief she has been able to obtain has been to receive Botox injections 3 times a year. This involved a series of painful injections into the neck muscles. These injections reduced her pain with fairly short-lived relief. Despite medical insurance contributing to the cost of Botox shots she had $1,000 out- of-pocket costs per treatment.

I treated her with the Tennant Biomodulator® first with the Bowling Ball 1 Sphenoid Bone Realignment. Her response was excellent with powerful shoulder elevations on each side. I

was surprised with this as I thought the torticollis would have prevented this on the affected side. The therapeutic response was dramatic. The patient was shaking with intense emotion and crying tears of joy. She immediately experienced a 90% reduction in her pain and she was able to rotate her head completely to each side. This was an amazing effect from this single treatment.

Report from a Medical Practitioner: "My background is as follows; I have practiced ophthalmology for over 24 years. I have been interested in alternative medicine for the past 8 years and in energy medicine specifically for the past three years. Five months ago, I acquired the Tennant Biomodulator®. I would like to give information concerning my experience with the Tennant Biomodulator® with a few patients. I was taught the Tennant Biomodulator® technology by Dr. Jerald Tennant, who is well-known by all on this forum. He has been very instrumental in enlightening both the medical community and general public on what is considered one of the oldest healing therapy methods known to man, using recently discovered technologies. He invites us to join him in his mission to discover our potential for wellness during his interactive presentation.

I have the privilege of working with some of the most informed and dedicated health care practitioners in the world led by Jerald Lee Tennant, MD. For more than 30 years Dr. Tennant has been motivated to seek solutions to health care challenges. His experiences have led him to integrate eastern medicine with today s cutting edge technology, Energetic Medicine. Through this blend of East and West, he realized that if the body receives the energy it needs it can heal itself! Jerry now shares the results of his scientific and nutritional research by teaching others how the complementary and alternative therapies of Energetic Medicine work!"

40 year old female presented with a two year history of constant twitching of her left upper and lower eye lids. I treated around her left eye with the Tennant Biomodulator® at the Infinity setting; two minutes over the supraorbital rim, two minutes over the infraorbital rim, and two minutes over the lateral canthus. I followed this with the Bowling Ball Realignment. At the conclusion of the treatment, the twitch stopped. She was ecstatic and tremendously relieved. Two weeks later I contacted her and she reported that the twitch had not returned.

Note: prior to the Tennant Biomodulator® when I would see patients with eyelid twitches there was no effective therapy. I always would examine these to see if there was a localized condition causing the twitch, but invariably nothing was found. And so, there was no effective treatment. Since then I have treated one additional patient with a lid twitch -- although this time I used only the Infinity protocol around the affected eye; the patient for some reason did not want to have the Bowling Ball 1 Sphenoid Bone Re-Alignment. Immediately after the treatment, her twitch resolved and it has not recurred.

48 year old female office manager in an internist s office. Suffering from fibromyalgia for 7 years, primarily causing her severe pain in her neck and both shoulders. Had tried various treatments, both conventional medical and alternative, without improvement. I treated with the Bowling Ball 1 Sphenoid Bone Realignment; great effect with spontaneous shoulder elevation.

She experienced an immediate improvement in her neck and shoulder pain. She was amazed at this therapeutic response. One week later, she phoned me to report that her pain was almost nonexistent; she was extremely grateful for her recovery. These are some of results I am getting with the Tennant Biomodulator®. I literally use this device several times a day. I also use it to accelerate the healing of corneal abrasions, cases of iritis, eye infections, etc. It is very helpful. Plus my wife loves me to do the Bowling Ball 1 Sphenoid Bone Realignment treatment for her; she often asks me to bring the Tennant Biomodulator® home with me from the office. I am grateful to my friend, Dr. Jerry Tennant for introducing me to and training me on the Tennant Biomodulator®. I look forward to many other therapeutic adventures with the Tennant Biomodulator®.

50 year old female with a 25 year history of severe migraine headaches diagnosed by a neurologist that lasted as long as ten weeks; required 5 different prescription medications and frequent trips to the emergency room. After Dr. Tennant set her "Bowling Ball" and taught her how to use the Tennant Biomodulator® for self-care, migraines are now infrequent and never last more than a couple of hours; medications reduced from five to two.

35 year old female injured herself while moving furniture and sustained large blood blister bruise on left wrist under thumb. After using Tennant Biomodulator® on Ten-8 mode for approximately four hours, the bruise dissipated to small yellow mark and no pain. The small yellow mark was gone within 24 hours.

Gerald Ching, MBA, MS, BS, BA, MAT #9432 (Hawaii)

90 year old female, retired homemaker. After recovering from a fractured tail bone, she could not turn/twist her back and had a very difficult time walking due to pain. A week after having a one-hour treatment, she could turn her back and walk without pain. She resumed her normal morning short walks. She was very happy to be able to get back to her normal routines. She requested and received two more treatments. She is now totally off her pain medications and did not even want to get a refill of her pain medication.

59 year old female, massage therapist. During her most recent cancer fight (had cancer 3 times), she had 6 months of chemotherapy. After her 1st “chemo” session, she experienced the typical side effects of nausea, tiredness (but could not sleep), constipation, loss of appetite, etc. She was treated prior to her 2nd chemo and prior to each subsequent chemo from 30 minutes to an hour. She experienced significant reductions in side effects. She rated the 1st chemo as a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being very severe side effects) with no Biomodulator treatment. She rated the chemos after starting treatment as a “3”. When treated for constipation, within 30 minutes to 4 hours, she would have a bowel movement. She has been treated for a sore right shoulder and pain in the left hand (thumb area) with modest results. She was treated for 4 minutes for sinus headache and her sinus headache went completely away immediately.

62 year old male, owner of large janitorial company. Had significant pain in the right shoulder (rotator area) for 10 years due to a fall from a roof. Had subsequent right shoulder surgery. PT and massages did not alleviate the pain. He had a one-hour Biomodulator treatment. The next day he had acupuncture therapy for the first time. 3 days later his pain completely disappeared. He was surprised that the pain he had endured for so long went away due possibly to Biomodulator treatment and/or acupuncture. He expressed regret that he had not tried alternative therapies earlier.

65 year old female, librarian. Treated for a chronic sore right shoulder. One week after the 1sttreatment, patient reported that the soreness was reduced but still prevalent. However, she reported that a painful “zing” down her right arm which she believed was carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared completely and has not come back in 2 months. She has requested and come for more treatments.

65 year old female, retired computer technician. Had surgery to rebuild the tendons on her right thumb. Came for treatment one month after surgery and PT with severe pain and swelling of right hand. After a one-hour treatment, she reported less pain and reduced swelling. She requested and had 4 more treatments with the Biomodulator and was very diligent in resting her right hand and doing PT during the recovery period. After 6 months, her right hand is completely back to normal. She is scheduled for similar surgery on her left hand in 2008 and wants to be treated again with the Biomodulator as part of her post-surgery recovery therapy.

90 year old female, retired government worker. Treated by her primary care physician and two orthopedic physicians and an osteopath physician for arthritis, lack of synovial fluid and severe pain in both knees. Surgery was not advised. Patient was sent to a pain management clinic and told she had to manage her life with the pain and given pain killers. Patient was treated with the Biomodulator 8 times over a two-month period. Within 6 months the knee pain went away. The Biomodulator may have helped with her knee pain.

85 year old female, retired homemaker from Hilo. Treated in Honolulu for 1-hour for a lower back pain due to osteoporosis of the spine. Patient said she felt “better” and rested immediately after treatment. Client asked if therapist could come to Hilo to treat her with the Biomodulator.

59 year old male, retired executive. Treated for seasickness on cruise. Patient took one seasick pill upon becoming seasick. Patient was treated immediately for 1-hour for nausea. Nausea went away within 3 hours.

60 year old male, dentist. Treated 1-hour for “trigger finger” (possibly tendonitis) in right thumb. Subsequently had cortisone shots in both thumbs. Tendonitis went away.

63 year old female, insurance agent. Treated 30 minutes for insomnia. Said she felt sleepy within an hour of treatment.

55 year old female, IT analyst. Treated for back pain/sciatica. Said she felt relaxed after treatment. Pain was not as sharp as before treatment. Treated for “bowling ball” syndrome which took her migraine headache away.

43 year old female, school teacher. Had laparoscopic surgery to remove ovarian cyst. Had stomach, shoulder, nausea, neck pain and headache after surgery. After treatment, pain subsided substantially. Headache went away right after “bowling ball” syndrome treatment.

68 year old female, retired school teacher. Has arthritis of the spine. Has extreme pain while sitting, standing or lying down. Felt better after first treatment. Said she slept for 3 straight hours for the first time after treatment. Woke up feeling more refreshed than she has been in a long time. Asked for more


63 year old female, retired stewardess. Had surgery on left knee for torn meniscus. Knee is swollen, stiff and painful. Was treated with Biomodulator. Was decreased and client had better range of motion in the knee.

35 year old female, home maker. Has severe allergies, chronic fatigue, GI problems, thyroid problems. Treated multiple times over several days. Stated that she slept well for the first time in months after treatments. Wants more treatments.

57 year old female, federal govt manager. Treated for right arm pain. After one treatment, pain substantially subsided such that client could sleep through the night whereas previously her arm pain woke her up.

Letter from a Dental Practitioner

"This is your invitation to participate with an extraordinary opportunity to learn how to tap into your body s healing potential. For me, this was a great seminar. I have never been to a presentation that has had a greater impact on the health of both me and my family. Dr. Tennant is a brilliant teacher who has studied and evaluated many different healing technologies and nutritional supplements. He has a broad perspective of what works. He is a great resource for getting well and staying healthy. He just returned from two successful courses at the University of Hawaii with more than 100 attendees. His course at Carlton University in Canada was equally significant.

Through his years of practice and research, Dr. Tennant consistently listened and responded to the needs of his colleagues, clients, patients and health care practitioners. With the determination to improve and provide devices that are easier to learn, simple to use, efficient, effective and affordable, he shares these new approaches and technologies to meet your personal and professional needs. During the course, Dr. Tennant will be discussing his latest developments such as the Tennant Biomodulator®, with four advanced frequency settings and biofeedback capabilities.

I believe his clinical and educational approach to wellness together with his newly released Tennant Biomodulator® is an amazing therapy and technology that will revolutionize the way medicine is practiced in the future. You won’ t want to miss this session

For more information about the treatment possibilities please contact me by email or by phone: +41763465056.


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