Prosciutto-Marrow Pockets

Updated: May 11

In this new recipe, the combination of the PKD crêpe, the dried ham and the bone marrow makes a wonderful meal with the ideal 2:1 fat to protein ratio. Make sure, that the ham is of perfect quality and doesn't contain nitrites or any other additives.

These pockets can be eaten any time of the day and they make a great party food or meal-to-go too, as they are delicious warm and cold as well.

My PKD crêpe recipe can be found in my E-book, but you can also use your own or any other recipe that is made with the right ingredients.

One pocket contains 23.5 g fat, 12 g protein and nearly no carbohydrates.


for every crêpe:

2 slices of Prosciutto Crudo di Parma or other high quality dried ham without additives

14 g bone marrow

Salt, depending on how salty the ham is

Lard for frying


Take the marrow from the bone.

You might salt it a bit, but ususally the ham is salty enough so that no extra salt needed. Wrap the marrow in the ham.

Put the ham "package" in the upper part of the crêpe, fold in the upper part, then the slides over it and roll to close.

Heat 1 tbsp lard in a pan on medium heat and fry the crêpe pocket for about 2 minutes both sides. Enjoy!