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Lamb Rolls

This new recipe is a great way to eat salty crêpes. It's tasty, nutritious, satiating and makes an awesome breakfast, party dish or lunch box meal.

Ingredients (gives 13 rolls, 2-3 portions)

  • One portion (5-6) crêpes

  • 300 g ground lamb (20% fat)

  • 15 g pork greaves (smoked slab)

  • 15 g bone marrow

  • Salt

  • Black pepper (optional)

  • Parsley leaves, finely chopped (optional)

  • About 1 tbsp (18 g) lard for frying


Blend the lamb with the greaves and the marrow. Add salt and optionally black pepper and parsley.

Put the three crêpes next to each other that they cover 1/3 of the next one, place the two other crêpes on top. Spread the meat-mix over the 2/3, roll up and press gently to close well.

Slice into 2.5-3 cm pieces.

Heat up the lard in a pan and fry the rolls on every side until golden. It will take about 10 minutes.

Enjoy warm or cold.

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