Keto Pancakes

Pancakes are all time favorites for many people. Traditionally they are made with wheat flour and milk and even sugar. Being low-carb, keto or carnivore, doesn't mean that you have to avoid this delicious food. It just means that you need to modify the recipe to fit it into your healthy diet.

This is an amazing keto, carnivore, PKD® recipe for breakfast or side dish. It is delicious, satiating and very easy to make.



serves 1 for breakfast and 2 as a side dish

3-4 eggs

4-5 pork greaves (rinds)

lard for frying

Mix the eggs with the pork greaves with a hand blender. Heat 1/2 tbs lard in a pan and fry the egg mixture on both sides. Serve with salt.

Enjoy! It's unbelievably delicious.