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Low-carb, Keto Tortilla For Tacos, Wraps or Burritos

These 3-ingredient low-carb, keto tortillas make a great side dish for any delicious meat with or without certain low-carb vegetables.

They are made with eggs, lard and parsley root flour. Those of you who follow me know, that I've made flour from parsley roots and have used this for many different recipes. I simply peel, shred, dry and ground the fresh parsley roots. It works amazingly well because of its neutral taste, great texture and low carb and low antinutrient content. We only need small amounts for each recipe, so it works great for low-carb and keto breads and bakes.

The tortilla has a perfect texture and a great taste.

One big tortilla contains 219 kcal, 18 g fat, 1.2 g carbohydrates, 0.3 g fibre, and 12 g protein.

Grease an iron pan and pour in the batter

Ingredients (1 serving)

2 medium eggs

10 g lard or other animal fat

5 g parsley root flour



Blend all ingredients until homogenous.

Grease a 27 cm iron pan, heat it to medium-high temperature and pour in the batter. Fry for a couple of minutes until set, turn and fry the other side until golden. Salt to taste.

Serve with pulled beef or pork, fried ground meat, smoked meat, dried ham and optionally with some Sauerkraut, fried cabbage or fried root vegetables.

For the ideal PKD ratio, you need 6 g added fat to each tortillas.



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