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How weight training improved my well-being and health - own experience

I have always liked to do sport. As a child, I did gymnastics for many years, and as an adult, I have been doing different sports regularly.  

I was very much into Pilates, I loved it. I also did yoga, CXWORX, Body Balance, Zumba and even some jogging. Despite all the effort, I had shoulder and upper back pain on a regular basis. While both physiotherapy and osteopathic therapy helped to a certain extent, neither could solve the problem. And my passion, Pilates couldn’t help either. On the contrary, I increasingly felt that it made the pain worse. 

I went to a fitness studio about three years ago for the first time in my life. I was very lucky because I happened to meet the best trainer who really knew what I needed. So I started to train. WOW! I never could have imagined this feeling before. After the first few sessions, all the pain was gone! Miracle! Later, when I started to feel the discomfort coming back, I headed to the gym and I felt great again. 

Since that time, I have loved weight-training more and more! My favourites are the old, traditional Nautilus machines, developed by Arthur Jones in the US at the end of the 1960s. Dr Doug McGuff explains in his book, Body by Science, in which way these machines are effective and special:

“Artur Jones, the man who created Nautilus equipment, was among the first to devise effective equipment for dealing with the fact that muscles have differing levels of strength throughout their range of motion. These variations are a function of the muscles’ physical relation to the bone, which moves and is always changing.” And this really works!

I also had other benefits from weight-training, from which the best is that I have lost fat mass, and gained muscle mass. I check my body composition regularly with BIA, which shows that my fat mass went down from 24% to 19%, and my muscle mass went up from 39% to 43% during the last year. That’s really not bad especially considering the fact that I am turning 45 soon. 

What I have learned, is that it is possible to gain muscle no matter our age, and I am now convinced about it. 

Weight training is fun too! People often say that being at the gym is boring but for me it’s really the other way around. The necessary workout can be done in 20 minutes, so you save a lot of time compared to other sports. It is very efficient, too. During and after training, I always feel strong and the best part is that, I feel strong not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. 

If the fitness world is new for you, I encourage you to try it. I am sure you will enjoy the same benefits as I do and love the experience.