The Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet is an evolutionary adapted diet. 
It was developed in Hungary by Dr. Csaba Tóth and Dr. Zsófia Clemens Ph.D., in 2010-2011. The diet is derived from clinical evidence and is based on data from more than 4000 patients. 

The benefits of PKD come from different aspects:

  • its ability to induce ketosis - the natural physiological state of the human body

  • ensuring all essential nutrients needed 

  • healing leaky gut syndrome by excluding all possible toxins and additives in food 

PKD combines the benefits of the classical ketogenic diet and the Paleolithic diet, while overcomes the weaknesses of both.

This way PKD is able to normalize intestinal permeability which is the cause of most chronic diseases.  


PKD consists of 70-100% animal-based foods and 0-30% plant-based foods. Only animal-based foods provide all the nutrients we need. Humans can tolerate certain plant foods so these (foods) can be consumed in this diet up to 30% of daily calories. The amount of the allowed plants depends on the health state of the patient. 


Intestinal Permeability 

It is a feature of intestinal barrier function and is increasingly recognized as being of relevance for health and disease. 

Our modern, western-type diet and lifestyle easily lead to intestinal permeability because of the consumption of certain foods, medications, recreational drugs, and some toxins. 

The intestinal barrier has a dual function, on one hand, it has to be open letting essential nutrients be absorbed by the body, on the other hand, it serves as a barrier to protect us and not let other substances, such as microorganisms and toxins through. 


Testing and normalizing intestinal permeability are of critical importance because the dysfunction of biological membranes plays a crucial role in the development and progression of chronic diseases.

Intestinal permeability can be measured by different methods but the PEG 400 test is the only exact, reliable, and clinically relevant test. 


The Paleolithic Ketogenic diet is safe, it doesn’t lead to nutritional deficiencies, and is tolerable by children, young people, adults, and seniors. 

It is not recommended only in the case of a few, rare genetic, hereditary conditions. 


For personal support, you can book my PKD coaching package or order the PKD Document Sheet including PKD Food List, List Of Foods To Avoid, PKD Rules, a One-week Meal Plan, and Recipes.






PKD Coaching Package

​Best for those who are new to the ketogenic and/or carnivore diets. For people who need to lose weight or want to improve their health and need more coaching and support. Includes a Detailed Health Questionnaire, a Food Diary, 60-minute initial consultation, three 30-60-minute follow-ups, four e-mail consults, and a lot of support materals. 


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