Online Nutritional Therapy 
PKD And Ketogenic Diets 

Work With Me

My mission is to help people learn how to nourish themselves and their families better and live a healthier life. I support them through one-on-one online consultations, follow-ups, and plenty of support material. 

Do you want to improve your general wellness or do you need to manage your chronic disease better? 

My health and nutrition coaching offer you personalized care according to your needs. I will work with you to create a sustainable lifestyle that will work for you in the long run. 

The reality is that behavior change is hard, and most people cannot do it successfully alone. People need help making lifestyle changes that stick. 

I have made it an objective to always be up to date on the research done in the field of health and nutrition. Combined with enthusiasm and expertise, I am able to help with many health issues.


During working with me you’ll learn 

  • how to adopt a healthy lifestyle for life

  • how to achieve your ideal weight that you can keep 

  • how to reduce or get rid of chronic pain

  • how to have more energy every day

  • how to manage food- and seasonal allergies

  • how to have good digestion, radiant skin, and a stable mood 

  • how to save time with cooking

  • how to feel great, young, and beautiful again


Do you feel confused about all the nutrition advice out there?

I’m here to help you discover the most sustainable diet and lifestyle for YOU!


Before our first online consultation, I send you a detailed health questionnaire and a food journal to complete so I can better understand your unique situation. If you take the Kickstart Health Package or the Metabolic Health Package, during your initial 60-minute consultation, you’ll tell me your goals, we’ll discuss your current health situation and health history, and review your three-day food journal. We’ll also discuss lifestyle topics like sleep, stress, and exercise. Together we will create a diet and lifestyle plan that works for you. Follow-up appointments are generally about 30-minutes long. These packages also include e-mail support. 


If you choose the three-month VIP Package, during your initial 90-minute consultation you’ll tell me your goals, we’ll discuss your current health situation and health history, analyze any recent nutrition-related lab work and review your seven-day food journal. We’ll also discuss lifestyle topics like sleep, stress, and exercise. In addition, I will prepare you a two-week meal plan and a lifestyle plan including advice on exercise, sleep, and stress management. Follow-up appointments are generally about 30-60 minutes long. You will also get continuous coaching by me via phone messaging. 

You can book the different packages below.


How I Can Help You

Energy medicide.


Kickstart Health Package

​Best for those who just need a few changes to their overall healthy diet. Includes a 60-minute initial consultation, two 30-minute follow-ups, and two e-mail consults.


Metabolic Health Package

​Best for those who need to lose weight or who have digestive or other health issues. Includes the initial 60-minute consultation, four 30-minute follow-ups and e-mail consults. 


VIP Package

​Best for those who have a more significant weight to lose or have a longer path to better health and need more coaching and support. Includes a 90-minute initial consultation, a personalized meal- and treatment plan, recipes, and other support material, five 30-60-minute follow-ups every second week, and continuous coaching by phone messaging or e-mail. 



Treatment from Orsolya is not only beneficial but it is also like being offered a helping hand. Since being treated, Osrolya has supported me both emotionally and physically. She always has advice or a therapy to help and her knowledge is very extensive. I have had reflexology, massage and she has treated pain by Bioresonance and with the Biomodulator. The latter has helped a lot with bone pain that I have had as a result of a major operation that I underwent in 2016.